Take Charge of Your Deliveries

Partner with Pico to deliver all orders from all channels within minutes.
Own your customers and eliminate third-party commissions.

Last Mile Delivery Universe

Customer Order

Customer Orders Via:

  • Online
  • Phone
  • Web
  • Social

Pico Delivers all orders from all channels

Restaurants, online ordering platforms, grocery stores, and other retailers.

Pico Delivers

Simple Process
and Fast Deliveries

Your Customer Places an Order

All the “for-delivery” orders from all channels stream into a single dashboard.

Request a Rider

Once you accept an order, simply click “Request a Rider.”
Average arrival time is under 10 minutes.

We Deliver

Pico Riders deliver using food-grade insulated cargo boxes. Receive automated status updates. Detailed reports for service quality assurance.

Own the

Order to delivery.

Sign Up as a Merchant Partner

  1. Sign Up

    Partner with Pico within minutes for all your deliveries. No minimums, no hidden fees.

  2. Orders from All Channels

    Your order may come from your website, social media, phone, third-party platform, or any other channel and Pico can deliver all.

  3. Dedicated Riders

    Dedicated Riders assigned to your territory who know your business. They know where to park, where to pick up and how to handle your packages as if they are your internal team.

  4. Logistical Excellence

    Minute-by-minute updates, status alerts, delivery notices with photo/signature proof, delivery within 15 minutes (3-mile radius) enabled by an AI based online platform for complete customer satisfaction that will increase loyalty to your business.

  5. Save Big!

    Competitive flat-fee model that will bring you up to 90% of the order value compared to the 64% industry average for orders delivered by third-party platforms.